My Menlo Park Walk

There are some places which are designed for great walking. It took a few months to find the perfect “loop”. Get ready to head out for a lovely Menlo Park walk! From downtown Palo Alto head north along Bryant Street:

Turn left onto Palo Alto Ave and walk till the train tracks.

Cross the train tracks and cross El Camino.

Once across turn right and cross over the little bridge and take the first left right (note the image is showing FROM Creek Drive to El Camino) and is hence reversed:

You have now arrived in Menlo Park! You are on Creek Drive:

Keep walking till the very end of this street (about 7 to 10 minutes).

Then turn right (as the street goes there is no other option) and start heading down Arbor Road. Take a few minutes break and explore the charming grounds and little shops within the Allied Arts Guild! (Landmark 1929 complex featuring art studios, stores, a cafe / restaurant (restaurant menu) & a variety of established gardens located at 75 Arbor Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025 | See site: | Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm – Closed: Sundays & National Holidays).

We will now resume our Menlo Park walk!

Continue down Arbor Road till you reach Middle Avenue. Turn right and walk till the cross street University Drive. Turn left and head north down University Drive. Your next stop might be at the charming (see both first and second floors) Draeger’s Market:

Then head on to the corner of University and Santa Cruz Avenue.

Check out one of the best Peet’s Coffee places in the Bay Area (rated for the friendly almost made me feel back in Seattle) nature of people (this was tested and retested multiple times) who are regulars and willing to speak to one another – which in Silicon Valley is not always that “normal”).

Note: Another very nice coffee stop is a few blocks down Santa Cruz Avenue! This is “Mademoiselle Colette”:

There is a first rate sports store called “Fleet Feet” to visit. Their prices are extremely correct and competitive and their knowledge of products is first rate.

Now head down Santa Cruz Avenue till you arrive at El Camino and cross over and head slightly to the right where you will discover an area renowned bookstore. “Kepler’s Books” has (on 06.04.21) 503 Google reviews and is rated at 4.8.

To continue this Menlo Park walk head south one block from Kepler’s and then left (heading East) towards the Menlo Park Library which right over the train tracks (about 3 minutes from Kepler’s).

Here you will find a lovely duck pond and I suggest that you walk within the park passing on the left the municipal pool (click to enlarge the next Google Street View).

You will then enter Burgess Park. Walk south on the path till the end of the part (passing the public access pool). Then, to get back to Palo Alto there are three optional ways to go. One allows you to view the famed “EL PALO ALTO” tree. The second allows you to cross a little bridge from Menlo Park to Palo Alto and the last way gives you a chance to ccheck out the well stocked Willows Market at 60 Middlefield Road.

Option 1 for a return to Palo Alto:
When leaving Burgess Park head left on Burgess Drive take a RIGHT and head to Alma Street. On Alma turn left and walk till the end. Your first landmark will be on the right:

It is known as “California Historical Landmark 2” (at the intersection of East Creek Drive and Alma Street) and is described here in detail.
Then you continue on and will have a path with a bridge which takes you into El Palo Alto Park:

Crossing over you arrive at the second landmark! El Palo Alto (Spanish for ‘the tall pole’ or ‘post’) is a coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) located in El Palo Alto Park on the banks of San Francisquito Creek.

Option 2 for a return to Palo Alto:

When leaving Burgess Park head LEFT on Burgess Drive and then take the first right (on Laurel Street). Walk till the end of Laurel and take a left (going East) onto Willow Road. Walk along Willow road till you find on the right hand side a small lane called Willow Place.

At the top of this short lane is a little two way path:

Warning: Be on the lookout for people on bikes who may be moving fast. Then cross the charming bridge over into Palo Alto.

Here is a view from the other side:

Next walk (South) down Palo Alto Avenue, followed by a Left on Poe Street:

Then you will be back on Bryant (where we started this Palo Alto to Menlo Park loop).

Walk down Bryant till you reach downtown.

Option 3 for a return to Palo Alto:

When leaving Burgess Park head LEFT on Burgess Drive and then take the first right (on Laurel Street). Walk till the end of Laurel and take a left (going East) onto Willow Road. Then walk till the intersection of Middlefield and Willow and take a right (Going South) along Middlefield and you arrive in Palo Alto. To head downtown simply take a right (going West) on any street (within the first 5 minutes) of walking into Palo Alto along Middlefield.

Photos from my Menlo Park Walk

Broken farm tool next to new growing tree - Image by Ardan Michael Blum. Copyright 2021
‘Rebirth’ – Menlo Park. Copyright Ardan Michael Blum

'Menlo Park Street'. Copyright 2021 Ardan M. Blum
‘Solitude’ – Menlo Park. Copyright Ardan M. Blum