About Ardan Michael Blum

Ardan Michael Blum

Born in 1970 in Switzerland, I attended the International School Of Geneva. In 1992 I received my B.A in Literature from Bennington College, Vermont.

After college, when I was in my mid-twenties, I was to live a tragedy which was to shape my future. Following the death of a woman I had hoped to wed (who was a social assistant caring for the elderly) I rebuilt my life and founded a charity – as a memorial – Vivre Avec le 3ème Âge or “Living with the 3rd Age”. From 1999 to 2014, our NGO was to implement cultural actions devoted to the well-being of all senior citizens living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. For example, together with the Swiss national symphony orchestra, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, we organized a special winter concert. We held this free event at Geneva’s premier concert venue, the Victoria Hall and attended by over 800 senior citizens! (View a 360 image inside the hall). The succeeding year, we organized another free event for senior citizens in Geneva. This time, thanks to the extreme generosity of the restaurant, a 3 course dinner in the lovely and exclusive Brasserie Lipp of Geneva (see inside the restaurant) for 80 seniors.

Of all our actions, the most important was our collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Europe, Microsoft, Logitech, and IBM Switzerland to furnish without cost reformatted and/or brand new computers along with software, and many webcams, microphones, headphones and other materials were distributed to senior citizen centers and nursing homes. Helping seniors to become conversant with the use of email, accessing the web, and working computer programs were among my highest priorities. Then we established a project allowing seniors to share their life stories! Visit: Les Séfarades à GenèveLa Vie Quotidienne, and the other tales (a legacy version of our site) found at medium.com/genève

The Road To Palo Alto, CA

In Geneva, while seeking ways to promote my senior projects with new sponsors, I realized the importance of getting our website ranked for charity-related terms (on Google.ch in French). I learned SEO basics. In a few months the needed visibility and the prestige of showing up in organic (non-sponsored) placement was achieved. As a result, I had far more questions related to “How did your organization rank so well on Google?” than what type of support do you need!

Then the bug got me: Wired-in for endless hours a day to something that became my career with major clients and success stories I will be happy to share.

SEO Training and SEO Services

A. Blum Localization Services was founded in 2016. Our Palo Alto SEO Company is located a few blocks East of Stanford, in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. We provide online Search Engine Optimization training worldwide and SEO services for clients.

Our aim is to provide visibility with MULTIPLE top ten results. Often we combine SEO services and training to allow a client to get results fast and the training for the long term self-management of their SEO.

This expertise ranges from theoretical, down to earth, to managing brand image and driving traffic to key pages.

About Ardan Michael In Palo Alto:

I am a Block Preparedness Coordinator. I graduated from the Basic Citizens Police Academy and attend currently the Advanced Citizens Police Academy events. I am an active member of the Palo Alto police chief’s advisory committee. Recently I invited the founder of Facebook to attend one of the meetings.


I am bi-lingual French / English.
I believe profoundly in the values expressed in Freemasonry.
I have played the cello for 40 years and had the great privilege of studying with Bernard Greenhouse of the Beaux Arts Trio.

Sharing Beauty, Admiration, Dreams, Art, & More …

Have you had a good day?

You may have had a good day and I hope you have. The point is that a definition of a good day is often based on how other people perceive you, your Ego, your car, your bank account, and all the things that you believe will never turn to dust and will accompany your Soul forever.


A good day is based on finding Rome or Jerusalem in your Soul, in your own ability to say TODAY is part of Eternity and I am going to make my Jerusalem a little bit larger, my Rome a little bit more built, my heart a little bit stronger; then it has been a good day.